METOMICS are Metal Designer Blocks.

We want to give you unrestricted creative freedom when it comes to building models with our METOMICS blocks. We have designed 33 different block designs (with more to follow!), which include a series of revolutionary articulated components that allow precise, poseable movement.

The metal Lego alternative for adults.

Many of us have fond memories playing with Lego blocks as children, and METOMICS is the metal alternative, designed here in Hong Kong. Whether we were putting together kit models or building whatever came to mind, this kind of toy gave us the opportunity to let loose our creativity and provided us with countless hours of fun. But as we grew up, many of us discarded the plastic bricks that Lego is so famous for and started looking for an alternative creative outlet for adults.

At METOMICS, our designer blocks offer just that.

Why buy our metal bricks instead of traditional Lego?

Each metal brick offers a much more refined and quality building experience than Lego. They allow the creation of detailed and durable models that can even feature articulating components. They are engineered from high grade aluminium with a durable anodised coating to provide a superior protective finish. This coating is also what gives METOMICS blocks their distinctive look.

To deliver this precision, each articulated METOMICS block is fitted with a durable stainless steel pivot and is manufactured to a tolerance of +/- 0.01mm. Because of this, we can guarantee that there won’t be any rogue blocks that you can’t pull apart – or won’t stick in the first place.

Our blocks are life tested over 3000 cycles, are certified to EN71, ASTM, CPC and CE marked.

Material: 6063 Aluminium
Tensile Strength: 215 Min MPa
Density: 2.70 g/cm3
Hardness: 34 HRB
Finish: Anodised 10μm

If you have any questions, like how our metal designer blocks compare to other Lego alternatives, don’t hesitate to contact our Hong Kong team today! We’re also happy to talk about any ideas or suggestions you might have.