Welcome to the METOMICS Elements Collection!

This is where your METOMICS journey begins; with all our individual aluminium blocks. Whether it’s a 2×2, 1×6 or 2×3 Element you need to begin or complete your design, we’ve created a simple way for you to keep adding more to your collection.

Enter the world of METOMICS with our Elements packs and build the design of your dreams; block by block.

Our Collector range brings you incredible design ideas and interactive Digital Instruction Guides.

Why not try one of our 3 in 1 series? – Explore a range of figurines and creatures to build with METOMICS blocks. From a T-Rex to a Robot, a Sparrow to a Gecko – how many will you build?

Once you’ve created all 3 characters, why not use your METOMICS blocks to create your own design. You can also build all our Collector kits with M:STDIO, our incredible 3D modelling platform.

METOMICS’ Pocket is the latest addition to our range.

The Pet, Wild Animals and Christmas series make perfect construction toy gifts or pocket money purchases, or even a unique way to decorate a Christmas tree!

Each pack contains our amazing metal blocks and instructions to build a miniature collectable.

Our Seasonal range changes through the year.

With special models and sets to celebrate events such as Mothers Day and Fathers Day, the seasonal range contains constantly changing limited-edition models for you to buy as gifts for loved ones.

Of course, every set can be combined with other METOMICS blocks to build other creations you have designed yourself!

Plus is where you’ll find useful accessories for your METOMICS collection.

Get yourself one of our Separator tools to making building (and deconstructing) more fun!

We’ll be adding to our Plus collection soon.