Our collector series features individual sets of building bricks designed to bring hours of fun for adults and children alike. Sold in both 290- and 150-piece building block kits, they are perfectly suited for both the casual creative and the most avid of fans looking to collect each kit.

Each building brick set for sale in our store can be combined with other sets or blocks to create more complicated and bigger creations. They’re also available in 3 different colours: Azure Blue, Ruby Red and Aztec Gold. Whether you wanted to get a present for an adult friend or as a toy for a child in Hong Kong, our building block construction kits are ideal.

3-in-1 building block kits, plus anything you imagine

Designed in Hong Kong for all ages from children to adults, each toy metal building block kit comes with printed instructions to create the advertised models with nothing more than the pieces included in the kit.

But these models are just the beginning. With 33 different types of blocks in total, the sky is the limit in terms of creativity with our building block kits. Although the collector series is sold with all the pieces needed to create specific models, we encourage you to repurpose them and even combine them with other sets to get creative and make designs of your own. Each set also includes articulating pieces so you can pose each model however you choose.

Made to last from precision cut aluminium

To ensure each construction kit fits nicely and lasts for years to come, we have made our building blocks out of precision cut aluminium. Each piece feels like to the touch and they are great as collector’s items.

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