Piececool Golden Rose (Blue)

金屬片數:11 x 21cm x2Pcs+9配件
成品尺寸:L8 x W8 x H31cm
包裝尺寸:L13.5 x W2.2 x H22.8cm

Product Material:430 Steel
Metal Sheet qtys:11 x 21cm x 2Pcs+9 accessories
Assembled model size:L8 x W8 x H31cm
Packaging size:L13.5 x W2.2 x H22.8cm
Challenge Level:★★★☆☆☆☆



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Limited Offer為摯愛母親, 送上最真摰的心意!如永生花一樣永不凋謝,可作永久保存。親自為媽媽一片一片的拼砌出高貴、精緻、綺麗的金屬玫瑰。將這份獨一無二,與別不同的禮物獻給媽媽,表達你對母親的感謝之恩。

Eternal blessing for your beloved mother!An eternal flower: the bloom never fades and can be kept forever.Built these beautiful golden rose by yourself, give this unique Mother's day gift to your beloved mother to express your love for her.This golden metal rose is a perfect recreation of one of nature’s most beautiful plants, but unlike the real thing, this will never fade and wilt. It will be beautiful forever!Piececool models are precision-manufactured from fine metal sheet material, and our unique processes enable us to make the most detailed and delicate items.

重量 190 g



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