Super Dad + Girl + Boy ~ Early Bird Offer

Super Dad + Girl + Boy ~ Early Bird Offer

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Everyone has a super hero.

The Super Dad combo introduced by METOMICS is a super handy gift for men which can be placed in most occasions, e.g. at working space, near laptop or screen, at bedside, etc. It can used as a 2R photo frame or business card holder and be placed at even a small corner of the room.

** Product release on Jun 10 **


METOMICS特別推出限量版 Super Dad 組合,表揚英雄的偉大貢獻。以這組體積小巧、可隨處擺放而又不失霸氣的金屬積木表達敬意。禮品拼好後,並不佔用大量空間,可隨意拆散自由組合,可擺放 2R 照片或個人名片,讓你的英雄和你形影不離。


** 貨品將於 6 月 10 日開始出貨。**

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The “Super Dad” combo 1 includes 3 characters, say, Super Dad, Super Girl and Super Boy.

Although the combo is delivered in assembled form, it can be unassembled and start over to assemble with the help of online instruction manual. All parts can be combined with other Metomics blocks to build anything you can imagine.

Combo 1 includes:

  • Super Dad
  • Super Girl
  • Super Boy

Early-Bird Free Gifts:

  • Beagle
  • Separator W
  • Separator M

Super Dad Combo 1 有 3 個人物,包括 Super Dad,Super Girl 和 Super Boy。

組合以散件形式提供,可以藉著線上的說明書協助組裝。 所有部件都可以與其他 METOMICS 方塊結合使用,構建您想像到的任何事物。

Combo 1 包括:

  • Super Dad
  • Super Girl
  • Super Boy


  • 比格犬
  • 分離器 W
  • 分離器 M
Weight695 g


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