Start building!

Start building with METOMICS in a truly interactive way. As an educational toy designed for both children and adults alike, we want to get you thinking about how you put the pieces together to create your model. Instruction guides are a great way for beginners to start practicing with different pieces and using them in tandem to build something bigger and better!

All our instruction guides are available online and via our mobile App, so whether you’re at home or on the move, our Digital Instruction Guides will ensure you’ve always got a model to build!

To get the most out of your creative and educational design toy, simply create a METOMICS account here for full access to all our Digital Instruction Guides.

Digital Instruction Guides

Father's Day gift super dad metal lego papa 父親節禮物 meccano
3 in 1 series
Mind3 series
Pet series
Wild animals series
Xmas decor series