Welcome to the house METOMICS built.

A place for inspiration, development and sharing

AΒ creative hub for you to design, build and display.

Conceived as a means of creating any 3-Dimensional form, METOMICS gives designers, model makers, artists, sculptors, engineers and creatives of all ages, a modular unit by whichβ€˜anything’ can be constructed.

Our physical blocks are a real world design medium, whilst our digital tools include;

M:STDIO, a virtual 3D modelling studio, Digital Instruction Guides – offering a truly immersive way to get building and the METOMICS community, which is waiting to see what you’ve built.

With METOMICS a sculpture can transform into a mechanism, which can turn into a game –
There are no rules and no limits with METOMICS.

This is just the beginning… so make yourself at home, take a look around and discover what

Welcome to the HOUSE OF METOMICS