Coach the student to build a racing car via METOMICS blocks. The students can build their own dream cars with their own hands with all the blocks they want. Then they can test run their creations on the special ramp, in order to learn the basic STEM knowledge of engineering and design. Finally, they will be led to the Nerdy Derby ramp to race.

A certificate will be given to each student, and which it will include the best racing record of his/her racing car. The top-ten racing car with the highest speed record to complete the Nerdy Derby ramp will be listed on the event board and announced at METOMICS and the event’s Facebook. All students can bring their own hand-built racing car back home.

METOMICS inspires one to think creatively and cultivate attitudes that give power to the imagination, the agency to make, and the joy to discover.

  • Hosted byΒ METOMICS x Build. Design. Race.
  • For ages 6+ (Accompanied parents needed for kids ages 6 – 8)
  • Language of Instruction: Cantonese & English
  • Available sessions: 24 – 31 July 2021; 1 – 31 August 2021, Sept
  • Price: $392


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1st 冠軍Mathilde
2nd 亞軍Daniel Nash Cheng
3rd 季軍Kian1.61
4th 第四名Grayson Koo1.62
5th 第五名Nora, Roderick1.64
6th 第六名Wong-Trainod Alexia, Suzette蒁萱
7th 第七名Aren Chun, Colin
8th 第八名Ishana Dani
9th 第九名Gallum Lakshan Dani
10th 第十名Bibby Kwong Kuan Min